Chainsaw (issue #12)

YEAR: 1981
CREATED BY: Charlie Chainsaw


Chainsaw was one of the original punk fanzines - the first issue came out in the summer of 1977. Issue 12 dates from September 1981 and was the first one to include a flexi disc.

Flexi disc given away with issue #12 of Chainsaw fanzine

The disc contains one track each by The Tronics, Instant Automatons and Dancing Did, and the zine includes lengthy interviews with all three bands. There’s also an interesting five-page cartoon story by Mike Weller (“Modern Girl”, featuring a character called Claire Castrato) and a somewhat jaundiced article about the royal wedding between Charles and Diana, which took place in 1981 and was fawned over ad nauseam by the media and sheep-like masses (some things never change)….


But what really impressed me about Chainsaw #12 is the fact that the text on eleven of the zine’s 28 pages was written using a typewriter on which it wasn’t possible to type the letter “n” - so poor old Charlie had to leave a space wherever the letter “n” should have appeared and then fill in the spaces by hand - dedication or what?

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