Masterbag (issue #15)

YEAR: 1982
CREATED BY: Ian Cranna and a host of others….


I’m not sure if Masterbag ("the news magazine of the independent wholesalers") counts as a fanzine but it was a welcome alternative to the mainstream music press at the time (along with a few other magazines like ZigZag, Collusion etc).

I bought this issue mainly for the Birthday Party flexi disc that came with it - but Masterbag #15 also features Paul Roland, The Del-Byzanteens, Weekend, some song lyrics, lots of charts, a short piece about music biz/football connections, regional news (eg the Wessex Festival & Alternative World Cup was taking place in Bridgewater that month), a list of imminent releases (like “Songs To Remember” by Scritti Politti), a column by Mick Mercer of Panache fanzine, some reviews (the star single was “Lev Bronstein” by The Redskins - described as "what The Clash might have sounded like if they hadn’t always been such a bunch of Londoners") and more….

The Birthday Party - Dead Joe

It’s interesting to note that a completely different flexi disc was originally scheduled for inclusion with this issue - by Manchester band The Passage - and that the next issue’s flexi disc was by The Farmers Boys.



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