How wrong can one man be?!

Sandy Robertson’s review of "Gangsters" by The Specials, as reprinted in Wool City Rocker fanzine, issue #6 (1980).

Incidentally, the fanzine also got something wrong - the B side of “Gangsters” was actually an eponymous instrumental track by The Selecter and not “The Prince” by Madness….

The Distributors - TV Me (1979)

Hicks From The Sticks (1980)

Wool City Rocker (issue #6)

YEAR: 1980
CREATED BY: Nick Toczek and various contributors
LOCATION: Bradford


As well as churning out multiple issues of Wool City Rocker and promoting gigs in and around Bradford, Nick Toczek was also the singer in a band called Ulterior Motives and did a lot of solo performances as a ranting poet back in the 1980s. In more recent years he’s become a best-selling writer, most notably of poetry for children.

Wool City Rocker was always packed with info about bands, records, tapes and gigs and tried to cover the independent music scene in West Yorkshire as comprehensively as it possibly could, as well as carrying loads of ads for local events, record shops, venues, recording studios etc. Issue #6 was the second to include a “Band Aid” section, offering practical help and advice to new bands….

Band Aid

One of the albums reviewed is a compilation called “Hicks From The Sticks” (also featured in the first issue of Death Or Glory fanzine) which was the brainchild of music journalist Nigel Burnham. It contains one track each by sixteen bands from the north of England and was later reissued under the title “Future Shock”. The review is accompanied by an article about two of the bands that appear on the album: Ada Wilson’s Keeping Dark and Stranger Than Fiction (both from Wakefield)….

Album reviews....

Two Wakefield bands....

Among the tapes reviewed is a seemingly untitled selection of five early tracks by Soft Cell, some of which subsequently appeared on their first few singles. It’s probably worth a fortune now….

Soft Cell

The zine is also full of wacky cartoons like this one….

It was bad enough when they gobbed on bnads....

There’s also a letter from the manager of Another Pretty Face - one of the bands that Mike Scott was in prior to achieving commercial success with The Waterboys (also featured at length in issue 4 of Rough Justice fanzine)….

Another Pretty Face

The back cover features an almost unbelievably comprehensive West Yorkshire gig guide for May 1980….

West Yorkshire gig guide

my box of 1980s fanzines

Happy birthday Pete Shelley (born on 17th April 1955)….

(photo from Kids Stuff fanzine 1978)


Claude Debussy - Prelude A L’Apres-midi D’un Faune

Jan Van Reeth (flute)
Belgian Radio and Television Philharmonic Orchestra
Alexander Rahbari (conductor)

(Source: Spotify)


The uprising in the Warsaw ghetto (1943) confused with the Warsaw Uprising (1944)

The above photo was used in an article called “10 Incredible Cases Of Jewish Resistance During The Holocaust”, but it was actually taken during the Warsaw Uprising of 1944….



Unlike many amateur historians on the interwebs, the writer of this article actually knows that the uprising in the Warsaw ghetto "should not be confused with the Warsaw Uprising, which was a city-wide battle between the Nazis and the Polish Home Army.” However, after making this bold statement he then shoots himself in the foot by illustrating his account of “The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising 1943” with a photo from the Warsaw Uprising.

It actually shows two Polish partisans of the Armia Krajowa fighting against the Germans in the rubble of Warsaw city centre in September 1944….